What is Personalized LEARNING in Schools

Personalized Learning seeks to address individual needs, skills and interest of each student. It is a student-centric approach where learning is differentiated to suit individual student's needs.

Genius Corner Methodology



  • Time Bound Diagnostic Assessment
  • Based on BLOOM's Taxonomy
  • Customized as per school's syllabus


  • Insights for student, parent, teacher & management
  • Strengths and Needs of every student
  • Concept level, questions level, BLOOM's taxonomy analysis for individual student
  • Performance trends and class level reporting


  • Competency based learning material
  • Concept specific videos on the areas of need
  • Personalized worksheets
  • Adaptive Home Practice Environment

Implementing Personalized Learning in Schools

Genius Corner Personalized learning solution is designed to suit the Indian Classroom.

Tablet Based Personalized Learning Lab

Genius Corner would set up tablet based lab specifically for the purpose of assessments, adaptive practice and remedial sessions in your school.

School Computer Lab

Your own school computer lab, with some basic tools, can also be the centre for personalised learning in your school with Genius Corner.

Home Assignment Based

Students will attempt Genius Corner Online assignments and take personalized remedial sessions, all from Home.

Value for All



  • Enhanced Academic Performance
  • Higher motivation levels
  • Better Retention


  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Strengths and Needs of the child
  • Timely and meaningful insight about the child


  • Saves teacher's time
  • Identify students who need special attention
  • Feedback based teaching
  • Identifies concepts that need re-inforcement


  • Improved Governance
  • Comparison of classes/sections
  • Real time view of progress


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About Us

"Genius Corner is an initiative towards making learning experience Personalized for each individual child. Our mission is to empower educators to know their students better and help them in crafting a unique experience for their each student. For this, we empower schools with our technology providing rich analytics into the each child’s performance."

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